A French discovery, with Les Garçonnes

A French discovery, with Les Garçonnes

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video available here.

Camille : Can you please introduce yourself?

Marine : My name is Marine, I’m 29, I’m the founder of Les Garçonnes, a brand exclusively dedicated to trousers for women

Camille : How did you find your vocation?

Marine : After High School, I went to London. At that time, I already knew I wanted to practice manual work. An artistic vocation such as architect, painter, sculpter… I didn’t really know yet, what exactly, at that time. I attended Fashion Design School. Someone I knew was in this school and she introduced me to the educational leader. Years went by and I realised how much I liked it. How hard it was to stop practicing… and more than everything else, I truly felt pleasure doing this. It didn’t feel like a duty. I wake up every morning with joy. It feels more like leisure than work. I felt strange at the beginning, to call it a ‘job’. I graduated top of the class from school, it gave me trust and confidence about my work…

Camille : …and what about your brand ? When did it start?

Marine : One year ago (more or less), I picked up stuff from my grandmother’s cloak room. Some trousers with pleats, were too large for me but I loved wearing them. I have always been a ‘tomboy’ without shame. Many people told me : « your pants are awesome, it’s difficult to find them » or « they’re originals… », with beautiful colours and materials. Then time went by and I told myself it would be great to do something about this. My grandmother passed away and something clicks into place… I was working as a freelance for years and various brands. I never really found a brand that I really love. One day, I felt ready about creating my own brand. It was the right time. I jumped in !

Camille : What are your values as an artist ?

Marine : What I do really like is to share. In other words, every time I sell one of my creations I like to get feedback from my customers. Do you feel good ? Does it feel too tight ? Does it feel too short ? Even if it’s criticism… On the contrary it’s very constructive… As my brand is growing, the better I  will get, the larger my collection will be. I will be able to answer women’s expectations on a large scale. That’s definitely Sharing… Women once told me « your pants are great, you should do something about it ». Today I answer, saying « here I am, with my creations I hope you will like it ! »

Camille : What is your main mission as an artist?

Marine : I would love my brand to remain over time. I started with ‘timeless pants’ style, for a reason. The aim is that you can still wear my creations in 20 years. And why not, granddaughters can wear them one day… Today, wearing trousers with pleats is fashionable. I wish that even out of fashion, it remains like this. 

All generations wear your creations.

Yes definitely, that’s great. Both my mother and my niece wear my creations. From 15 to 70 years old it’s working. Still, I have to carry on, creating more and more, tailored to every generation and desire. Even in 10 years you can still keep it and wear it again

Camille : What are your rituals?

Marine : With materials, it’s love at first sight. I regularly visit my suppliers in Paris. I’ve been working with them for years. They offer new materials. Touching,  feeling… it’s really impulsive with the material. I see myself in it right away. I touch it and I realise how great it will be. Since I want people to feel great and comfort(able) using my trousers. In Winter, especially it should be very cocooning. I’m looking for soft and comfortable materials. Flexible and lasting at the same time. There is a true research on materials.

Camille : What makes your brand unique?

Marine : First, I’m specialised in trousers. Nowadays, more and more brands are doing mono-product. It’s clearly a new tendency. Trousers, it’s something I wear everyday. It’s a true urge, once I create, I can see myself wearing it. After that not everyone is ‘tomboy’ like me. I really want comfort. When I’m selling one of my creations, I really want to share it with my customers. What really makes a difference… it gives me joy and I want to share this joy with others. I think that’s already a great start.

Camille : Where do you get your inspiration? 

Marine : More than the material, I have muses. There are important women for me… For example, I named my first five creations : Lauren Bacall, Katharine Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich, Jane Birkin… actress from the 50s and iconic women. They left their mark with their independence and appeal. They were a little tomboy but really feminine as well. Those women reflect perfectly my brand. They are also models for me, what I would like to be or what I have been in the past… I know my next creation will get the name of my grandmother it’s a little wink 😉 

What was her name?

Marine: JeanneThere are my favourites. Jeanne it’s also Jeanne d’Arc, Jane Birkin… that’s a name coming back a lot in my inspirations. I read a lot books, where I can find names of inspirational women. I will carry on that way…

La boutique Les Garçonnes, now available on Solybox.com

Have you met Jane ?


A short introduction with new artist, Ema Mamisu

A short introduction with new artist, Ema Mamisu

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video available here.

I’m glad to introduce you a new artist, this week on Solybox. Ema Mamisu is a Ceramic Business founded by Barbora Diduchová.

Their name is not a coincidence. When Czech kids are learning their language, in their beginnings, they must work on pronounciaiton. Like in any over languages. They have to repeat sentences. They say « Ema ma maso », which litteraly means « Ema has meat ». So Ema Mamisu means « Ema ma misu », « Ema has a bowl » !

Barbora created Ema Mamisu in 2013. She has a background in pottery and porcelain. Petra joined right after the creation, adding her knowledge in design. Each of their product is Unique. 

This is why I felt in love with their ceramic at the first place. I’m very proud to have them part of Solybox. Enjoy !

Find out more about Ema Mamisu and her creations here (Boutique Solybox).

One of her latest creations

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A Jewellery Workshop with Czech artist, Tereza Cermakova

A Jewellery Workshop with Czech artist, Tereza Cermakova


On Saturday May 27th, I got the chance to participate to one of the first workshops organised by Tereza Cermakova.

First of all, let me introduce you the artist. Tereza is a unique and authentic jewellery designer. Within the framework of Solybox, I got the chance to meet her. It has been a true breakthrough. She truly represent values I wish to spread on this platform. Values on sharing, creativity and meaning. Each of her products have a endearing and original story

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A warm welcome in one of the most enjoyable area of Prague, Vršovice. This district is green, flowery, on the outskirts of down town. His buildings and houses are different from each other by colours and shapes of their facade, which draw the eye on every detail. You enter at number 38 of Ruska street (Russian), the interior of the building is blue, which reminds me Brittany and her sea that I miss so much…

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It’s with open arms that Tereza welcome you in her apartment, which is as well, her atelier. This is the place where she works every day on her new creations. We are five participants and introduce ourselves to each of us, around a drink or a cup of coffee. First improvised visit of the Atelier, enough time to admire jewellery and sketchs.

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After making the introductions, each of us take a sit at his own post ! Which means at his own atelier since we all have the opportunity to use same materials and tools like true professionalsHere the magic happen: we are employing tools usually used by full time artists !

Once we got settled, Tereza introduce us techniques. She shows us models, examples and some parts with littlScreen Shot 2017-04-28 at 11.17.28e bit more technique (which remain simple, don’t worry) : the material ! And so, the material doesn’t resume itself to three little tools doing everything. There are more than fifteen on the table, which show a huge range of variety you have access to ! Tereza shows us each tool, with his utility and how to use it in the right way. It’s very intuitive and simple

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The complex part (at least for me) was the very beginning, starting to practice. Once explanations done, Tereza is inviting us to draw a first sketch of our futur creation. Slight digression on that subject: before the workshop, she send you pictures in order to boost your imagination right the day before ! When you receive those pictures, you can think about the infinite possibilities of your futur piece of jewellery.

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Once you take the « artist sit« , things are getting challenging. I decided to start with a little wax already used in order to test each of the tools previously displayed. Then, I arrive at the esthetic part. I wanted a more or less simple ring. I’m very used to wear more than one ring at a time. So, I needed something quite discreet.

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Here is a video in order to show you the process of creation in high speed:

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In the meanwhile, Tereza remains available foScreen Shot 2017-04-28 at 11.20.21r each of us. She helps us as a True Teacher. The art of advising and guiding us without doing the job instead of us ! This is that part that I particularly appreciate. Her singular way to adapt herself to our needs, ideas, in giving us much more, thanks to her experience and talent. Once our stomachs start to gurgle, the lunch break start and Tereza invite us at the table. In French it means: “à table” !

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With haste we get together around a convivial table embellished with fresh salad and hot meal (typically Italian). My question asked to everyone : How did you met Tereza? Nothing more interesting than listening stories.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 11.21.15Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 11.21.21

Right after came my favorite moment : Dessert ! Not just any… An homemade dessert prepared by Tereza hScreen Shot 2017-04-28 at 11.22.14erself (as everything else). A cheesecake flavoured with lemon and strawberry. What a delight. Along with a cup of coffee… we can’t imagine betterAfter this sweet & salty « lunch break » all together, we are invited to get back to work in the Atelier. This break was perfect amount of time to take distance with the work previously done in the morning. I saw it with all new perspective.

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Hours are going by without really realizing it. It’s quite surprising. You discover little by little the results, all around the table. It’s full of joy and very inspiring atmosphere.

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The creation process can seems difficult at first but it’s worth it. So join one of the futur workshops organised by Tereza Cermakova. For subscription, contact her directly on her email at terezacermakova@gmail.com. I believe it’s the perfect gift for your loved one… Tereza is my first partner Artist on Solybox. Her products are already available. To access her Solybox Shop, follow this link here. In order to get in touch about futur artists and products on this platform, you just have to subscribe, in simply giving your Beautiful Name and Sweet email Address. Doing that, you will receive exclusivities by email, plus all updates and novelty available on Solybox only 🙂 Thus, you can experiment true Ethical and Fair Shopping Experience. Enjoy  !

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In the framework of Solybox official launch, we count on you for your feedbacks and sharing. We will be very grateful if you can spread the word sharing this article with numerous of your friends and relatives via email or social networks !

See you soon and I hope to have you part of our subscribers ! 

I will see you in your mailbox… 

With love,

​About Painful Separation

About Tereza Cermakova
 Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 11.12.53.png

Interview with Tereza Cermakova

Interview with Tereza Cermakova

I met Tereza, through a student who became a friend (Ahoj Viktor!) and I’m so thankful (ever since) for the opportunity. If you got the opportunity to meet Tereza one day (at her workshop, for instance), you will see joy, kindness and beauty all at once

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Camille : Can you please present yourself ?

Tereza : My name is Tereza, I’m from Czech Republic but I lived for many years abroad. I’ve been in Italy for about 6 years and I studied design. I felt in love with Italy but then I realised the best place in the world is Prague so, I came back to Prague.

Camille : Are you from Prague ?

Tereza : No I come from Eastern part of Czech Republic, but I work here, live here and enjoy! 

Camille : You are back since ?

Tereza : I have been back for a year and half. 

Camille : What about the start of your Jewellery passion ?

Tereza : It started very slowly, I would say. When I was a kid I remember I had a passion for precious stones. But then I kind of didn’t know what to study and what to do. I traveled for 10 years and it was time to go back home, to study. I wanted to do Interior Design and I remember the moment when my mom said : “well don’t you want to do jewellery design?”, and I said “well, why not!”. I chose a school in Rome, The Fashion Academy and I studied Jewellery Design there.

Camille : For how long ?

Tereza : For two years. I would’ve like to study for more but this school was just for two years. 

Camille : And Italy, it was just a personal choice, or you were passionate about Italy ? 

Tereza : Yeah I always liked it and I spent a couple of years there before so, I spoke Italian already. I went there when I was 19 years old. I always loved Italy. And of course where should you study design more than in Italy?  

Camille : It’s the Perfect place ! What about the Authenticity and Uniqueness of your art and design?

Tereza : I wouldn’t call it art I think I just, you know, call it “design”. I don’t think it’s art. First, I hope I think there are unique because I don’t copy anyone elses ideas, they are all my own ideas. And they kind of come from my feelings. Mostly from my feelings. Thats why I do abstract and I don’t do many forms that you can recognise immediately. 

Camille : How is your process of creation ? Do you have rituals ?

Tereza : You mean how I come up with ideas, or the process ?

Camille : The start.

Tereza : The start is always the most difficult part to get the idea so it depends, you know I need a lot of quiet time so I like to go for a walk or spend couple of days out of Prague, just to be with myself. And, sometimes it depends. Sometimes I go to an exhibition and then I come back, I have this flash in my mind and I see… I see a shape of something and I give it a form of a ring.

Camille : So its like everyday inspiration ? 

Tereza : Yeah, kind of feel… what’s going on ! 

Camille : Okay ! And the specific rituals regarding the process of making it ?

Tereza : Yes sure, its kind of always the same the technique that I use is called lost-wax technique. And I use this kind of special jewellery wax and I make a model from this wax. Model of a jewellery which is gonna be silver later on. So first I have to make a model. And then I get it casted in silver or gold, depend of the kind of metal. And then I polish it… You know, it takes many hours, every part of the process takes many hours.

Camille : How long (average time) the process take ?

Tereza : It depends how difficult is the model. The wax model might take… just to make the wax and then polish it might take 5, 6 or 7 hours. Because all my jewellery are polished so it takes really a lot of time, to polish them as they are…

Camille : What is your favorite creation ’til today and what’s the story behind it ? 

Tereza : My most favourite one is the one called ‘painful separation’. And the idea came actually from a period which was very not nice for me. I had this boyfriend, we stayed together for many years (almost 6 years). At one moment I felt like that’s it… I have to leave and I have to go back to Prague. I have to break-up with him. I sat down, I remember that moment. I sat down to the table, and created this ring as I really felt. I kind of put my pain into the ring. And I think you know… people around me, they feel it from the ring. I had a client she bought it because of that. She had kind of the same story behind her and she wanted to fix that moment in the ring. So, she bought it !

Camille : And she found it… What values are you promoting through your product (like key words, or specific meaning) ?

Tereza : Well, its very hard to answer this question but… What I think is what I want to sell with my jewellery. All I want that people feel putting on my jewellery is that they feel stronger, they feel self confident and I feel when I go wild in the morning and I forgot to put a ring I have to go back and I have to put it on because I just feel better you know and I just want people feel better with my jewellery. 

Camille : It’s like giving superpowers 🙂

Tereza : Yeah

Camille: So cool ! Then I got a final question, maybe hard but I believe everybody have his life purpose, what would be yours ? How would you define it ? What is your intention behind your everyday creation ? What makes you alive ?

Tereza : You know for me when I create jewellery and when I give it to the client or to someone, for me like the best part of all this process is see the client happy and see I gave him not only a piece of silver or gold, but something that he really feels good with it. Something that gives him/her confidence. And like help him/her find his/her identity. Sometimes my clients wear the piece of jewellery, I created for them, as a talisman! This is very important for me so they feel the strength that I put into the jewellery.

Camille : So you are giving happiness and true value … 

Tereza : Yeah and emotions because I think I put a lot of emotions into the jewellery and I am very happy when people feel it. When they tell me they feel the emotion from it. Without me asking them you know, this is the best satisfaction !

Camille : Yeah it’s the natural way. Like a natural process… Beautiful !

Many thanks again to my dear friend, Tereza. You can find her Solybox page and products here.

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