A life without social networks*

person holding iphone showing social networks folder

A few months ago, I renamed my blog, « Impostor Syndrome » (the podcast, in French) . But as my new « lifestyle » got settled for the past months. There is something new that need to be shared: A life with no social network*. Let me explain.

In order for me to share this experience without limiting myself, my social networks does still exist.

BUT, the thing is: I changed (may I say flipped): the way I used it.

If I had to choose only one it would be: LinkedIn. It will remain the only one I will always have. Professionally its really useful for me. It has been productive more than time consuming. I’m not saying its all perfect but at least, I know I don’t get lost into it. Even if the « design » is very similar to other platforms. I don’t know why, it just suits me.

Outside of LinkedIn, I got Twitter, Instagram and a Facebook account. My Facebook account has been deleted for a while now. Twitter, is the same as LinkedIn, I don’t like it that much so I’m not the best client neither (= no time consuming at all!). Except Instagram, this is the one app, and social network catching most of my wandering time!

At first I deleted all except LinkedIn. It felt good, and I got used to it for a while.

The only thing is, I must say: what I missed the most its not the « consuming content » part but the « sharing and publishing ». Therefore, those accounts does (re) exist now but I got no direct access through my phone or my computer. It would require me to search for passwords, and make a two-septs authentification in order to access it. I got lazy. I made it the least accessible. Which means from now on those social networks are only possible through posting not through viewing.

Therefore, the only way to contact me is not through Instagram inbox but through email (old fashioned). Why?

Because through email, deep conversations are possible.

Not through Messenger, nor Insta, sorry but that’s true!

So, here is the place where I’m going to share this experience with you.

However, I just want to « save » myself (and own sanity) from madness that can sometimes (quite often in fact) come from social media in general. Especially in this period of history!

With love,


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