May you keep your negative vibes to yourself

hi haters scrabble tiles on white surface

Alternative tittle: Assuming our own responsibility and freewill

I must say, categorising people in big groups, in order to simplify my way of thinking, isn’t my favorite activity at all. But it makes it simple. That’s mainly why our media does not spend time speaking to separate individuals.

It puts groups of people into bags and name it as a whole. It seems that we could find into « in favour » or « against » bags, opposites people. And in the same bag, like-minded people together. What for the people « in between »? What for « outsiders »?

Today, it’s not the first time. I’ve been receiving an unkindly, unwelcome mail into my inbox.

The kind of email you could possibility put into a category named « from haters ». Except they do no think or know what they are actually doing sending this kind of email. First they do not take into account their freewill. So they think they are « victims » of an entire system which is supposedly against them. Which is not the case by the way since our very first enemy is in our head and it’s called « myself ».

Second, despite the fact that I could blame the anger instead of the author. I must say, I do not agree (at all) to work with this kind of people. Simply because saying « ok » to that kind does mean, an open door to a bunch of like-minded students. I do not want to work with people showing unrespect and unkindness kind of vibes. After being repeating myself; attempting to find solutions a while ago. Now finding this trash can of a message into my inbox just came as a big entire explosion of « enough is enough ».

What really happened isn’t about me overreacting (maybe 🙂 yes), but me saying « no » because I respect myself first. I respect every student. If you do not show respect, please find someone else because I am not the right person for you.

Thank you Haters for reminding me that I shall first respect myself.

Kind regards,


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