Day Four: Procrastination

One Page a Day

Day four

On Procrastination

The act of not being able, ready or available for making, acting upon a given project,
task or idea, at the moment. We put further delays hoping to get a better time frame, or
window of opportunities. Most of the time, we don’t act, ending with regret and
sorrow. Somehow, while being the very first person responsible for this course of non
actions, But procrastination is a natural phenomenon. And, most of the time it
happens when our task is way too big. Its so huge and so far from our present, that it
can easily been delayed. The truth (at least for me) is, if we don’t start some day we
might never do it.
Step by step: starting with baby steps is helping a lot. Adding those steps day after
day can give you something bigger and far from what you have been expecting.
Taking a concrete example: I want to “write a book. At least, 300 pages. It’s huge. It will be hard to start today especially if I only got one hour available on this given day. But One page a day, at the end of the year, I will get much more than 300 pages. Probably due to technology and progress we expect things to be much faster. The same thing happen with relationships… We expect so much and so fast !

Day Four : Procrastination

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