Day One: on the creativity field

One page a Day

Day one: 2 septembre 2019

The creative process is like dealing with the mess…

It can be really messy to wake up and create from scratch. The keywords coming to me regarding this matter are: perfectionism, fears, overwhelming…

Perfectionism: every time I’m facing the blank page I want everything to look perfect and exactly as I imagine it. But the truth is, when looking at my favorite artists, and pieces, the only thing I love in it rely in their imperfection. Because perfection in art (for me) makes me bored. And even when I am attending at creating something magnificent, I don ‘t feel any particular sensation when the lines are geographically and perfectly arranged. Imperfection gives movement, emotions to your creation. It makes us Human.

Fears: this is good fear. Fear of going “off” the line, leaving the status quo, and a certain given comfort zone. Fears are natural, healthy… When I’m facing fear while creating I know something big is waiting for me on the other side (of the creative process). I know that tomorrow I will feel closer to my goal, just because I crossed a line. Fears are very good and useful when you are in real danger, and your life might be at risk. But in the creative process, in any creative endeavour, fears are here to reminds us how Human we are, and it is asking us this important question: do you really want to do this? Because you are getting outside of your comfort zone, so it better be worth it…

OVERWHELMING: every single day we are exposed to a thousand if not million stimuli, information, and so much more. It’s getting harder to get easily to a quiet place. Our phones notifications remind us of expectations, requests, comments, judgements. Plus, also the voices in our head reminding us our worth. Creating limits is essential… because no one is going to do it for you. And when I’m getting into my creative space it’s offline and quiet. So I can easily focus on what really matters.

One page a day : day one

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