Thoughts on Intuition, a simple exercise

I just did this recording on Thursday morning, about an « ah-ah » moment I experienced in the forest… As I was walking through nature, I had a « breakthrough » on the way: we can (all) use and experience with our own intuition in our everyday life, quite easily without taking any risk !

Movement is the key.

Movement is key to most of our problems. We just don’t know it yet. When we get stuck – this happen quite a lot especially at the end of the week. We are stuck on a particular issue and we cannot see the solution (yet). It could be due to this simple fact: we feel stuck. It will not bring anything new, especially if we force it. The process is to move, move on, release this issue as much as you can – I know it’s easy to day; and then without even knowing ‘how’ or ‘why’, you get it, this is It – like This ! 

So next time to get blocked on something, simply stop what you are currently doing and move. Go outside for a walk. Go take some fresh air in a garden or a park near you. Take a shower. Switching is they key 🙂

This short episode is not about movement but it’s just a way to illustrate how this breakthrough came, at least for me

La version française de ce post sera disponible prochainement :), stay tuned!

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