Be the Change !

Let’s get sensitive and intimate here !

The truth is, as a multi passionate and infinitely curious person, I’m always looking for new ways of doing things. In fact, I always did. Solybox being part of it: How can I make e-commerce different and more respectful for all ?

I go out of conventional ways which might not please everyone but at least at the end of the day, I can say “I tried” or “I made it” ! The most important part remains :

“It feels right.“

I believe (kind of Stoic way of thinking), in our lives there are stuff we can’t control therefore we have to let them be, and other stuff, we can control, and somehow we all have a choice to make. While being responsible for our own lives…

For the past few years, I’ve been experiencing the ‘what I can control’ part, with new habits and ways, on how I can expend my views and mind ?’ In order to live an awesome life ! For instance…

Here are two ‘tips’ – improving our way of living :

#1 Get out of your comfort zone

Every single day I try to do something new, feeling uncomfortable without being a big dangerous risk ! As simple as it might sound, I will send this newsletter which is more personal and sensitive. It puts me out of my comfort zone since, I don’t feel always comfortable while sharing my personal thoughts.

This is for the best, since the more you experience new things, the less your life can get boring ! 

Another example: lately I was writing letters to people I would love to interview for the podcast. Part of them are people I admire for their projects and piece of work. In the past (still today), the ‘monkey mind’ said: “Why would you send this? It’s stupid, who cares about that?”. Yep, as an entrepreneur listening to this voice is far from being productive. So, I’m just saying “thanks for the note but I’m doing it” 🙂. Why? Because, it’s not going to kill anyone. And by the way, being vulnerable is part of being successful and live a meaningful life!

#2 Quit the mainstream media and choose your ‘fuels’ wisely

There is a very interesting Talk about this subject. It was given by Alain de Botton, the founder of The School of Life. He explains our past and actual relationship with media. Ever since I saw this speech, I choose, the kind of information I want to ‘put’ in my unconscious mind. Asking myself always the same question: is it productive or useful for me to know this ? I’m not talking about getting ignorant here. Even though, the past events have shown that our access to mainstream media as high as it might be, doesn’t mean we get more (emotionally) intelligent…

Finally, as Tim Ferriss said in his book (The4HoursWeek), if there is something you must know (about politics, economics, international matters, etc.), you will hear about it, since large part of our social interactions is dedicated to it.

« Reading after a certain age diverts the mind too much from its creative pursuits. Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking ».

– Albert Einstein

When I say « choose your fuels wisely », it’s more about selecting, carefully, what you decide to put into your head, for the rest of the day.

Is it good ? Is it productive ? Is it positive ? Is it helpful ?
Same for food.

Most of us do not realise how the information, we get in touch with (it’s the same with people we hang out with), influence our moods or ways of thinking. Therefore, if we focus only on negative news (which is major part of our mainstreams content) we end up with pessimism and negative thoughts. On the other hand, when we choose to focus on something inspirational, joyful and funny, our day get much more brighter !

In fact, “We Spend Half Our Waking Lives Consuming Media, And It Will Only Increase” (according to global media agency ZenithOptimedia). So, we could ask ourselves, How could we spend this time more wisely? Let’s take some ceramic workshop !

In my last interview for Solybox, with a (new coming) ceramist artist, we shared the excitement people can find while making objects of their own. In other words, doing, creating something with your hands or mind, might be actually very fulfilling !

So how come we get so excited about something seemingly simple and essential? Simply because in our materialistic world, we lost a sense of doing and creating. Our capacity at making something into materialistic form. But we all have this power so why not use it?

Last but not least, awareness buying respectful and beautiful products is part of it. This is the reason why I created Solybox: to offer new opportunities combining ethics and beauty !  Outside of consumption, our purpose is also to create, produce or do something, at least significant enough in our life time.

I will see you next week with new products and new artist !

With love,

P.S. Solybox is in the French Magazine Simple Things #18, of Feb-March 2017


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