The first day, I’ve been True to Myself

It has been a while since Solybox is in my head (almost three years now).
Since the very beginning I want to offer new perspectives, new opportunities… especially in our way of living our everyday life. This is including our way to shop, our way to give, our way to impact our planet and other people lifes.
Meanwhile, trying to find better ways,
During the past months, I have been trying to find my voice.
A voice present deep down. Not load enough, not confident enough, to be present, here outside.
On my way, I have been asking myself and others the following:
What are my qualities?
What are my strengths or super powers?
What can I do at my best potential?
What should I do with my life?
Here are some key words answers I got :
Generous – Empathic – Teacher – Couragous – Commited – Dedication – Open minded – Curiosity – Kindness – Honesty – Sensitivity – Organised – Perfectionist – Caring – Positive – Creative
So, from now, here is my Dedication :
Design Better Ways To Serve People
First, by writing down precious articles which can be very useful for you and your friends (- even your dog!). Second, by opening the first Ethical and Fair Shopping MarketPlace on the Internet with (Soon).
Here is my first shot, hope you like it!
Please share about your strengths and how you use them in your everyday life – for a better tomorrow?

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