Life is Beautiful with Solybox

Fully preparing the futur of this beautiful platform,
I’m happy to share some rich past experiences full of emotions!
I got a story to tell. I’ve always being attracted to the job of my dreams.
In Business School, I was dreaming of a beautiful life with a job that I love, with people I appreciate to work with…
I was imaging this job was somewhere outside, waiting for me.
I was so pretty sure about it. Not that I was completely wrong…
At that particular moment only, I would be satisfied and would be declaring myself as « feeling happy ».
Once I pass this semester, once I make this internship, once I get that diploma, once I finish my last year internship, it was not ending, even never I should say.
Time went by between the end of my studies and the end of my « last year » internships (since there were much more than one simple internship to make it work),
The day, I knew, a muse came to my ear telling me a great idea:
A charming idea, about a revolutionary box which could change more lives than a simple satisfaction of clients having a shopping time on my website.
In the next coming weeks, I will have the great pleasure to introduce you our first partner, an Artist I particularly appreciate, and care about. She have talent, sensitivity and courage.
Stay tuned and tell you much more very soon !!

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